Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

How to prevent hair loss?

At a time of the year when hair tends to fall more on the account, we go to the consultation with the dermatologists, in search of answers to our many capillary doubts. Why does he fall in the hair? What can we do once the hair has started to fall? If you also have this problem or want to avoid it in your day to day, keep reading! to know the tips that can help you prevent.


Tips for Preventing hair loss

Here you will find some tips and ideas that can help you with the problem of hair loss, thus managing to avoid losing more hair in an exaggerated way. To see the tips click on the images.


Why does the hair fall out?

It happens because the male hormones provoke an effect on some hair follicles ( a root of the fur) that causes that these, where the hair is born, are becoming smaller and less active (miniaturized) causing the hair to be transformed with the “Time in a fine hair that ends up falling.” This happens in both men and women. The Doctor also notes: “Alopecia in women is genetically multifactorial and it is also common to see it due to causes such as pregnancy, iron deficiency, vitamin B12, biotin and zinc, anorexia nervosa and hypocaloric regimens.”


Once the hair starts to fall. How do you have to act?

The first thing to do is to identify the cause of hair loss. For this androgenetic alopecia, topical solutions with minoxidil have proven to be effective and are the first thing to use as it ceases to exert its effect when the follicle is already miniaturized. The shampoo does not act on the root of the hair, it is only used for hygiene, correct dandruff and avoid seborrhea.


Is nutricosmetic more effective than topical solutions?

It depends on the cause, in the case that alopecia is caused by a nutritional deficit will have to be supplemented, but if it is of Androgenético origin, for example, the applications of topical minoxidil are very effective.


Daily tips to avoid let the hair fall

The Dermatology gives us some tips on washing and drying hair. Points!
Daily tips to avoid let the hair fall
Daily tips to avoid let the hair fall
  • Wash with shampoo, ie with a soap with special features that wash without excessive fat, leave the hair in suitable conditions for your hairstyle, which can be used on a daily basis and that, depending on the case, you can carry a substance that treats the Different problems such as controlling fat, drying, curling, etc. Probably every person needs a different shampoo.
  • It is recommended that the shampoo be neutral and free of substances that cause allergies in the skin or damage the hair. The number of washes, if these are done correctly, does not matter.
  • It is advisable to wash it in the direction of the hair and not the other way around. Drying, in an upright position, unraveling with a wide-tooth comb and, before using the dryer, should be dried as much as possible with the towel to be used to a lesser extent so as to avoid overheating and fracture of the hair.
  • The conditioners provide softness, improve the appearance of the hair and make your hairstyle easier. The most suitable and used are those that contain modified silicones or Dimeticonas.


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